Carpet overlocking

Carpet Overlocking is a hard-wearing color co-ordinated woollen yarn edging.  We have over 1,000 shades of the highest quality yarn available so you can be rest assured that we will be able to match whatever shade of rug you bring in.  Or if you would prefer a contrast, the options are endless.

Overlocking is perfect for rugs and mats, stair runners, room sized rugs, door mats, car mats, mats for your furry friends: the list is endless.

The finish is attractive, practical and suitable for any location.

Non slip backing

Carpet joining (seaming)

We can join your carpet offcuts to form a larger mat or to fit certain shaped rooms / spaces.  We use carpet seam tape together with a seaming iron and other specialised tools to make virtually invisible joins.

Rug construction

Carpet overlocking

Non slip backing

We can supply and attach non slip backing to rugs and mats.  This type of backing ensures that your rugs and mats don’t move across your floors – whether they be tile, carpet, timber, laminate, marble, etc.  The backing, which is glued into place, also keeps your rugs and mats flat with no curling which reduces the risk of tripping over them.

The backing also protects your timber and carpet floor from scratching caused by the hessian or construction yarns which hold your fabric together as these are completely covered.  The backing also adds inherent strength to your rug.

The non slip backing can either be added when your carpets are overlocked, or added as a separate process if your carpet does not need overlocking.

Carpet seaming

Rug/mat design and construction

In addition to carpet seaming, we use the same techniques to make rugs to your own design.  You can bring in your own pieces of carpet/rug or select from our large range of new carpets to create your own designer rug.  The end result is only limited by your imagination.